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Don't Shoot - Nas


Don't Shoot - Nas

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Don't Shoot - Nas Lyrics

(Give me some, give me some)
Uh (Give me some)
Uh (Give me some, give me some, give me some)
Don't shoot (Give me some
give me some, give me some, give me some)
Don't shoot gangsters (Don't shoot gangsters)
Don't shoot gangsters (Don't shoot gangsters)
Don't shoot (Give me some)
Don't shoot gangster (Don't shoot gangsters)
You are him (You are him), and he is you (And hе is you)
(Give me some)
Don't kill thе messenger

Am I snitching when the police commissioner my friend?
Am I a player when me and the mayor hang and tap in?
Just a grown man tryna see how to change the community
'Cause all I see is mama's crying, reading eulogies
Thinking 'bout, everything her baby could've grew to be
Speaking unity for years, but face scrutiny
He weird, one day Esco be rapping 'bout shootin' me
Next day he say "And I can", he been confusin' me
Don't wet that
I advise you to mind, I don't just rap
Look around every town like a deathtrap
Out his mind, put a nine to his neck tat
And it went plat-plat, now we set back
And I'm scratchin' my head under my Mets cap
With the new Klan but wearin' jet black
I don't know how much I can stress that, where the checks at

Don't shoot gangster
Don't shoot gangster
Don't shoot (Give me some)
Don't shoot gangster
You are him, and he is you
Don't kill the messenger (Give me some)

Pop, pop a bottle in my Nautica
Bill Russell jersey, solid and sturdy, Stevie's harmonica
In my head
With a Wilhelmina model tucked
The Benz is red, blue one that's Javi's shit
It's obvious these
Emotional rollercoaster ass niggas, please
And most of these guys are supposed to have male tendencies
I endlessly speak vengeance on MP3's
Percocet addiction that could be your E-N-D
Your mindset is your vaccine for every disease
Illness, affliction, sneeze
The pollen has got in your body's diaphragm
Chest, eye exam
The disease king's get, we see it like a MRI scan
I show you how to move when these dudes be lyin'
The coupe's flyin', the suits fire
the crew full of riders, loophole finders
Don't kill the messenger

Shorty, don't shoot (The messenger)
Look in the mirror
You got a big life ahead of you
You are your own cure for your King's Disease
You gotta look inside to cure that
You got all the answers
Imagine no man shot for the next ten years
No man killed for the next thirty years
Think about how much we will attain
And no I do not really know the police commissioner
But shit, I'll talk to anybody about saving lives

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