Tomorrow - GloRilla

Tomorrow - GloRilla


Tomorrow - GloRilla

Tomorrow - GloRilla Lyrics

(Cheese, his name is Cheese)
They say they don't fuck with' me (Cheese)
but I say they can't fuck with' me
Just like the air, I'm everywhere
how you say it's up with' me?

Poppin' shit, you would think I went to school
for chiropractin' (Poppin')
Lookin' good as hell today
just sent my nigga five attachments (Look at this)
Why did you confront me 'bout a nigga?
Man, you bitches backwards (Stupid ass)
They come at me 'bout niggas
who I don't even find attractive (Ugh)
I don't know that nigga
I just seened him on the town before
I can't be up her face
I took her nigga down before (Nah)
When I lose a nigga, I just pop out
and go find some mo' (Easy)
Soon as I feel like my time get wasted
then it's time to go (Deuces)

They say they don't fuck with' me
but I say they can't fuck with' me (On God)
Just like the air, I'm everywhere
how you say it's up with' me (Huh?)
Them bitches should've stayed down
they could've been up with' me (Too bad)
But all they doin' is talkin' down
'cause they can't get up with' me (Lame ass)

My ex fuckin' on my old friend
both they ass some fuckin' clowns (Haha)
Thinkin' that she got one up on me
she got my hand-me-downs (Lame ass ho)
He thought he wasn't gon' have to stand on shit
like he was handicap (Thought it was)
Make that nigga stand on that
now his ass can't stand me now
High as fuck, I'm lit (Yuh)
I don't smoke no Swishers (Nope)
Slidin' with' my gang and them
look at them like sisters (That's gang)
These bitches be lettin' them go out sad
about these niggas (Ugh)
I don't wanna hang with' them
they don't handle business (They can't hang with' us)
They be goin' for anything
but I can't go for none of that (None of that)
Why would I go chase you?
If I know you gon' come runnin' back (Fuck 'em up)
Cut everybody off
lately been feelin' like the lumberjack (Fuck 'em)
They really got me fucked up
and I wasn't goin' for none of that (None of that)
She the type, the nigga make her mad
she go tweet somethin' (Ugh)
Me, I'm kinda ratchet still
so I'm the type to beat somethin' (Beat 'em up)
I can't love you, baby, like yo' bitch do
so don't leave her (Keep that bih')
He gon' choose her every time
'cause it's cheaper to keep her (Hahaha)
Can't say yo' name up in my songs
might not fuck with' you tomorrow (Nah)
Can get my feelings hurt today
I won't give a fuck tomorrow (That's just me)
Ain't fucked up 'bout no credit score
I might be rich as fuck tomorrow (Duh)
Everyday the sun won't shine
but that's why I love tomorrow

Aight, lemme hear that

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