Freestyle 2 - Ken Carson

Freestyle 2 - Ken Carson

Ken Carson

Freestyle 2 - Ken Carson

Freestyle 2 - Ken Carson Lyrics

(Wake up, F1lthy)

Yeah, I put that ho in Prada, and after, I made her holler
And my bro took off your mans, I heard that was your top shotter
I got Vetements on my pants and my shirt Balenciaga
Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh

My swag came a long way, I was rockin' nada
I don't give a fuck 'bout what a ho say, these hoes not my problem
Sent a hundred shots out that Rolls, ayy, them 7.62s got him
Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh

Them 7.62s hit his body, made him Harlem Shake
I get to that bag, to that cake, you procrastinate
Now she wanna fuck with me now, but she pulled up too late
When I send my boy a opp to drop, he be so fascinated

Fuck the D.A., they ain't got no evidence, they closed they case
If a nigga thinkin' this shit sweet, he get shot in his face
I got Glock 19s, ARPs, I got hella K's
I been serving codeine to these fiends, yeah, they sippin' drank

5K a pt, what you mean? Bitch, that's no debate
I been countin' blues, countin' green like it's Earth Day
And the nigga think he me, but he not me on my worst day
I just spent your rent on my motherfuckin' shirt

These niggas think we playin', hell nah, this ain't Nerf
Pull up to a nigga land, pull up to his turf
Pull up with that MAC-10, pull up, go berserk
I been off that X again, I feel it in my nerves
Now she wanna fuck with Ken, that lil' bitch get curved
My lil' bitch, she not a ten, she a 130
And I withdraw all the money that was at the bank, bitch, that's word

I got Wockhardt in my system, that's why my words slurred
They was so surprised when they killed him, but that boy was chirpin' like a bird
Nigga, I'm the shit like a turd, but my shit smell like cologne
I fuck her face, yeah, I fuck her makeup up, then I send that bitch home

You don't wanna race, yeah, this an SRT with a Redeye package on it
You don't want no smoke, bitch, FN Five-seveN shoot a nigga in his dome
Hit that boy in his chest, hit his heart, now it's chrome
Huh, I told that pussy nigga, "Yeah, leave me alone", huh, huh

Shouldn't have fucked with a member, huh
You shouldn't have fucked with the gang, huh
You shouldn't have fucked with the X-M-A-N, yeah, X-Man
And all my niggas masked up, yeah, yeah, yeah, just like Bane
And all my niggas in control of this shit, yeah, like a game


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