Coffin - Lil Yachty

Coffin - Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty

Coffin - Lil Yachty

Coffin - Lil Yachty Lyrics

I gotta start dropping these
You got a lot
Fuck mixtapes, fuck deluxe, Youtube
Lil yachty Youtube, drop that shit, man
I be goin'
Buddah bless this beat (it's us, earl on the beat)
Strappin' the keeper, mm, uh keepin' the keys on, uh
It's us, givin' the keys to the wock' to my boys
Go, okay, slatt, okay, 'crete
Gimme the keys to the coupe, I'ma pull out (brrt)
Gimme the keys to the 'crete, I'ma pull out ('crete, 'crete)
Gimme the keys to the coupe, I'ma pull out (skrrt)
Gimme thе keys to the coupe, I'ma (skrrt, uh)
Go, I'm on thе top of this shit (yeah)
Okay, okay (concrete boys), okay

Gimme the keys to the coupe, I'ma pull out
Gotta wear condoms 'cause I do not pull out (ew)
Walk in the spot, fifty deep with the tool out
They know that it us, show out at the cookout (slatt, go)
We gettin' money, don't care 'bout what they on (us)
Finger fuck hunnids at home all alone
In a suit with a stick like capone (beep)
Bo for the jackson, all shamone
I took the chrome to chrome (shamone)
I took his bitch, I boned (beezy)
I made her leave her phone, yes
(Yeah, oh) who said we ain't made records? (go)
Rich-ass still eatin' checkers
Still pull up, double decker (boys)
Still control the whole mecca
Still that nigga, still (still)
I still fuck her, I will
Might put this bitch in my will (will)
(Wait, hold on, you're gon' do what?
You're trippin', nigga, I'm from, nigga) us, chill
Fuckin' this bitch in the hills
I ain't even lick her, she wet as a eel
Ew, nigga, I'm just talkin' (oh my God)
Get on these beats and I'm not even rappin'
I'm literally flossin' and walkin' (walk)
Get on these beats that I'm literally walkin'
On God, I really be flossin' (walk)
Bitch in the sheets, hit that bitch from the back
Put the pussy inside of a coffin

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