Rocc Climbing (feat. Lil Yachty) - Remble

Rocc Climbing (feat. Lil Yachty) - Remble


Rocc Climbing (feat. Lil Yachty) - Remble

Rocc Climbing (feat. Lil Yachty) - Remble Lyrics

They survive that spinnin' then they must be godly
Know a nigga pull up and serve them Percs hoppin' off a Harley
Got a hot foot, steppin' on shit light Q's
I ain't pourin' no single lines, it's threes and twos
Niggas got fully suited to pull up and lose (Laudiano)
This bitch got fully booted, and said fuck all her boos

Pull up on me now, I need sloppy-toppy
I only speak on what I know, and, baby, I'm not that cocky
Bruh, she focused on her bills up like she Chauncey
The new coupe, the car sit low like it was a Monte
A lot these Instagram hoes look just like aunties
She gon' sip the Hendog and be happy thottin'
I'ma pull up on the opps, 'cause I know they plottin'
Baby asked me for some boot, I got Doc Martens

I'm on a different timin'
My bitches like molly and coke, they be rock climbin'
We don't never leave the house without handy appliance
Richer than all my opps, so they made an alliance

Boat, Remble
Messed around and got richer than all my idols
Puttin' safes in sleeper holds like I'm Roddy Piper
Cash my money in the bank, then won all my titles
Yeah, I'm happy with my girl, but I want Blac Chyna
Steppin' in a new dorm, shakin' hands with rivals
Headin' to that blue wall, 'cause you have to fight him (Laudiano)
Have the burner 'cause I heard that his jab was nicer

Smith & Wesson, .45, for a .49-er
I'm a known home wrecker, like Jerry Springer
She told me that her name was Kia, but here's the stinger
I had her squirtin' on the bed with my middle fingers
I hope you really don't believe that I want Blac Chyna
Murder weapons in Bikini Bottom, you not gon' find 'em
I'm finna ask you, "Where you from?" and don't be lyin'
I'm not the biggest one in here, but I tote a giant

New additions to the others, let's go divide 'em
When I take the Smith and off my hip, you should go inside
You pulled up without your burner, you chose to die
You could be bouncin' out the car, but you chose to drive
It's Remble

Rolls-Royce's, Maybachs, I am not drivin'
30 floors in the air, I am not hidin'
On the patio, off drugs, start to skydivin'
She said her boat was real, guess that her thighs was lyin'
Mans be hangin' with the opps, he is not ridin'
They inside full-time, so they is not dyin'
I'm not the one to be afraid if my family's behind me (Laudiano)
Chainsaws and Kel-Tecs, uppin' Mary J Blige-in'

Shit, I mean Lil Kimin'
Dodgin' millimeter bullets bigger than Jessica Simpson
Bitches givin' big head, like her chin Crimson
Behind her, two midgets, but her face, look like a gremlin
Niggas really not rappers, they just ramblin'
I'm with Remble at the temple, rehearsin' scriptures
Buy the bitch some new titties, upgrade her fixtures
Still beat up her son dad, nigga, I'm the mister

Tuh, I done been block to block in Crocs and socks
Bounce in the whip, cock the Glock, then drop the top
It's gonna be a long day if you watch the clock
You can either put your hands down, or box the chop
Uhm, is he gettin' put on at the park or not?
Come on, are you really put on? Let's just stop the cap
Are you gonna get on when they start to clap?
When it falls down, you will see how they start to act

Boat, Remble
Make sure you recognize the difference from love and hate
When it gets ugly with the johnnies, go jump the gate
Told her I had my phone off for a couple days
Fuck do you mean to ask me a double date?
Oh, no, don't take your pants off, I just want the face
She said she's way too horny, can't even wait

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