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Meet The 6ixers - BigXthaPlug

Meet The 6ixers - BigXthaPlug Lyrics

She's a bad mama jama
Just as fine as she can be, hey (just as fine as she can be)
She's a bad mama jama (Tony Coles)
Just as fine as she can be (just as fine as she can be)

Ayy, meet the 6ixers, not your average niggas
We get money, been stackin' figures
600 chain, when it swang, this bitch glisten
She listen, I might drip the bitch in some Christian
A nigga play with me, next day, bet he missin'
Forgiato my truck, gotta watch how I whip it
Came up off of rap, never thought I could vision
These cities and all of these hundreds and fifties

Came in ballin', they call us the big three
Known for steppin' on shit like a nigga with big feet
Chasin' that sack, I feel like I'm an athlete
Heard he was bumpin', them bullets pro-acne
Dog-ass nigga, I'll run a ho raggedy
Fresh out that water, that dope look ashy
From 'bows to shows, I never imagined
Out of state with somebody bitch, flew her first-class

Ayy, ain't the show tonight? 'Cause Jimmy Fallon
Ballin' like KG, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen
Really been thuggin' with X since Malcolm
And Hood came in with the birds like a falcoln
Stay with the Drac' like I hung with OVO
Had to bust the block down like the movie store
Know I'm a fool with this shit like Julio
Meet the 6ixers, Taliban, six-double-O

I need all my money on time, don't care who we owe
Slid my foot in the game like I'm Coolio
Step on a nigga, don't give a fuck who he know
Bitch, I'm different, don't care 'bout no coochie, ho
Before rap, I had rocks and I let it roll
Came a long way from noodles off granny stove
Now we eat steaks with the shrimp with the sushi roll
I'm quick to spend pape', but I'm quicker to get it, though

Won't make it for dinner, but I got them dinner rolls
Long way from the block, now I'm checkin' portfolio
Racks in my pocket couldn't fit in no billfold
Fork in that water, I'm tryna find Nemo
Get killed by a Crip tonight, tryna be a hero
He the last of the dragons, kick your ass like Bruce Leroy
On that corner, break-dance with that dope like a B-boy
Got some beats for they ear like a motherfuckin' kilo

Draw down, erase a nigga face while he writin'
All in your bitch ear like Tyson
Ran up a check on these niggas like Nike
I'm a dog-ass nigga with a bird like Mike Vick
Nickname BBL, stay on they ass
Tatted up like Chipotle bags
Monopoly man how I ran with that sack
Pushin' horses, like, "Who is that boy on that nav?"

See, I was a lil' boy, but now look, I'm that nigga, huh
Three hundred on jewelry, I'm different
Four pockets full, all this shit got me limpin'
Still Crippin' and quick to go slide on a mission

Six-double-O on my chain, got your ho on my dang-a-Lang
Made a check in them booths with a Mexican, Chingo Bling
I was destined as a child, make her say my name
I made strips with the sauce like Raising Cane's

Tote the chopper, that bitch go ba-rum-ba-duh
Step on these niggas like fee-phi-fo-fum
Fresh than a bitch like some peppermint gum
Neck water, nigga reach for this bitch and he done

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