Aaliyah - Aaliyah User Reviews

  • Rest In Peace baby girl

    By Liz_pride
    Aaliyah is a star. A rare star she is timeless and classic I am elated that iTunes finally has her music. I love this album pure gold!!!!!! I miss you baby girl!!!!!!! Your biggest fan 🥺💓

    By Jay Rob
    I grew up on this and so grateful it finally resurfaced. Long live Aaliyah. We miss you Queen ❤️
  • Brilliant and beautiful

    By Melanie-M
    Aaliyah was so different from other artists. She pushed the boundaries with R&B. This album is my favorite in the entire world and I’d choose it everyday ❣️❤️🕊
  • Aaliyah

    By TheKedronP
    She’s was Princesss and now the Queen of RNB they don’t make music like her anymore. She left a blueprint and forever grateful for that. Miss you babygirl. This album puts me at peace.
  • Awesome album

    By agetaco
    Every song is great from this album. Define one of the best albums of the 2000’s. #ripAaliyah

    By dj tick tock
    She ATE ON THIS!!!
  • Aaliyah is queen

    By Sdhdbdn
    My favorite album of all time.yes my queen
  • greatest album of all time

    By TyshawnL52
    one of the best and most progressive r&b albums of all time. truly a journey, truly before it’s time. aaliyah’s french kiss to the world. done beautifully.
  • Yessssss

    By Royal Rayford
    The iconic Red Album so good from beginning to end!!!!!
  • The Red album self titled Aaliyah👸🏽🎶❤️😇

    By Aaliyahugo
    This album is Timeless one of her Best Work to date! #TeamAaliyah4Ever