Awaken - Natalie Grant User Reviews

  • Amazing Christian music!!!

    By And neighing
    Natalie grant is an amazing Christian woman.She has inspired me to sing her song Awaken at Nationals.I love her music and it always touching me because she lives wholeheartedly for Jesus Christ.My name is also Natalie and I love her music and I love Jesus Christ.Thats two things she and I have in common.Love you Natalie!
  • Blessed

    By PalswithJesus
    God has truly blessed this woman with a beautiful voice and she uses it to praise Him. This album was bought for me in 2008; it was the first time I had heard of her, I've been listening to her since."Held" is my favorite, especially after a friend of mine had her child kidnapped, it reminds us that "When everything fell we'd be held".Thank you Natalie for your music.
  • Held is my favorite song

    By Adunnn05250:)))
    I dance to held and it makes me cry if you really think about the words
  • Great

    By AWESOME1109000000008
    I love Live for today it is AWESOME!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊
  • Thanks

    By Bowlings55
    I love this song
  • Love this album!

    By Sme2828
    This album is AMAZING! I love it and is very encouraging and makes a person hopeful. Love this! <3
  • Great Artist....

    By pianoman75460
    This is an amazing album from an amazing artist. Her voice soars. Love it. PS. Who's the ding dong that rights the iTunes Reviews? I haven't seen one review, for ANY artist that has been very accurate. More of this person's (whoever they are) personal view on the topic. I'm thinking...Replacement?
  • For the flipside

    By Isereu
    You should licten to TOBY MAC he's an awsome artist that's picks up the beat, and if you now Spanish there are more ( that I know of) but serously try his BOOMIN album!! :)
  • I love this!!

    By Godswisdomaddict!!
    You guys, I think this flipside dude really needs um, A LOT of prayers. I may be taking this in the wrong direction, but how is it possible to b a Christian and HATE Christian music? You hate people praising God thru music? It DOES matter if it has cuss words in it, cause the Bible even says not to use foul language! Gosh, I'm 13, and I'm sayin this. I go to a Christian school, and everyone there says Eminem is lame. Garbage in garbage out... Get the picture? I love the song 'Held' btw! Natalie Grant is awesome!
  • Wow

    By Bella5515
    Like really the boy who posted that comment is so wrong because this album is not garbage . I hope god touches your heart because your saying things that don't make sense . Why would you say listen to eminem here on a Christian review album . We are talking about Christian music not music that doesn't adore God .

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