Bar Stool Preacher - Jacob Bryant User Reviews

  • Stellar Record

    By jpowe613
    JB does not make a bad song. “Amen” hit me right in the gut. Great start to the new year with this album.
  • Love this record!

    By Dooberdave68
    Thanks I’ve been waiting for this one to drop, we’ll done sounds awesome.
  • This is the Album of the year

    By GGAuto&Coll
    It’s music like this that has kept country alive through multiple generations, it’s got a little of every single style and should be album of the year.
  • Phenomenal!

    By Cyn G ATL
    I’ve been following Jacob Bryant for a a few years now. It’s been really neat to watch him grow and develop into the unique and passionate music professional he is today. He has his own unique sound and style that uniquely sets him apart from his peers in the country music industry. I dare you to listen. His music will move and inspire you in ways you cannot even imagine!
  • Music

    By jkmusic976
    Amazing album!!
  • Superstar

    By Brown1691
    For those of you who have not listened to past albums you are sorely missing out. And JB steps it up once again with Barstool Preacher! So far the tracks released are awesome. Cannot wait for the remaining tracks. You will love #buzzards. It’s one of the best songs I have ever heard!
  • Awesome New Album

    By Little KK
    JB has definitely done it again. Have Heartbeat on repeat!! Can’t wait to hear the rest!!
  • Instant classic

    By toddmc74
    What an amazing voice and great songs!
  • Love!

    By MALKAB25
    Great songs! I always enjoy listening to his music.
  • Amazing

    By Hoagie15
    For anybody that actually looks at these. My buddy Wyatt wrote the song Buzzards. You can find it on YouTube. Jacob Bryant released it last year sometime. If it stayed as raw as it is in the youtube video it’ll be my favorite Jacob Bryant song. It’s phenomenal.

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