Be One (Deluxe Version) - Natalie Grant User Reviews

  • B1

    By Realgirl🐯
    Deleted my old review.
  • Amazing!

    By Dawn Gonzales
    What an amazing album! Natalie Grant is a pure singer and has a beautiful voice.

    By Music :-)
    I'm new to the Christian Rock genre, however, if Natalie Grant is any indication of the quality of people and the talent level, this will be my new favorite genre. Clean is simply outstanding. I was flipping through the radio and came upon it and could not change the channel. Captivating and just awesome.
  • Oh my

    By Valerie .S
    What a amazing singer. Natalie you will get a prize🌹🎧🎤🌌📓💜
  • Love it!!!

    By MustLoveDogs10
    I feel like I sometimes pull God down so we are eye to eye too. And sometimes I forget whenever I do, I listen to this. 😁
  • A true gift from God

    By Szar101
    Natalie Grant has a voice of an angel. When I listen to her music I am up lifted and know I am listening to a true gift from God. Christians should take time to listen to her. She will inspire you to remember Jesus is God's son. Thank you God for allowing the world to be blessed by such a great Christian. Keep up the beautiful God inspired Christian Music. Download any of her music especially off this album.
  • Beautiful

    By Everythingwastaken747383
    Such a beautiful voice and a beautiful album
  • An Amazing Christian Singer

    By Angel R. T.
    What can I say...Natalie is amazing and this album doesn't disappoint. Be One and King of the World are my favorite.
  • Amazing

    By Hopscotch0113
    This is amazing!! The whole album is so inspiring!! I always love Natalie Grant's music.
  • Amazing !!

    By D.J.MONTAQQ!!
    An uplifting and inspirational set of songs. Be One and King of the World are must haves. Overall a nice cohesive album.

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