Christmas - Francesca Battistelli User Reviews

  • definition of Christmas

    By Definition of Christmas
    This album is amazing. It reminds me completely of Christmas!! And it’s only October! Halloween hasn’t even happened!!
  • Christmas Dreams!

    By Jeremyroy0415
    There is something wonderful to be said about the song “Christmas Dreams”. It stirs up so many old childhood emotions and memories, and it is truly one of the most pure and heartfelt Christmas songs I’ve heard in a long time!
  • Great Album

    By macdunk11
    This is my favorite Christmas album ever. I literally listen to it over and over. I previously had the CD version, but wanted to have it with me on my phone, so I bought it on iTunes today. Francesca has a beautiful voice and does a fantastic job on every song.
  • A Timeless Classic

    By Cktaylor
    This album was given to me several years ago and has since become one of my all-time Christmas favorites! The album effortlessly combines beautiful Christmas classics with new, but timeless original pieces to create a warm and sentimental reminder of what Christmas is truly about.
  • Origional

    By SarahwithouttheH
    Not only good renditions of classic, but origional songs are throughout. She also included a couple songs that she didn't write, but I had never heard before. I just love Francesca Battistelli's voice and her style.
  • My favorite Christmas album!

    By My favorite Christmas album!
    We accidentally discovered this album a couple of years ago and needless to stay it has been a vital and essential part of christmas music collection. We listen to it most often of all our Christmas music. LOVE this album. The real meaning of the season is in every song. :)

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