circles - Dante Bowe User Reviews

  • Wow!!!

    By Jay W3ird
    GOD is moving amen!!!
  • Album of the year 2021

    By MackMcKenzie
    This joint is fire!
  • So good!

    By sparkleshine21
    Buy this you won’t be disappointed!
  • Cold Water for Schorched Souls

    By crisbaj
    Dante, my man! This record is nothing but a 'git up and move', 'dance like a mad person', 'joy joy j-o-y comes in da morning'... so many good rhythms, back-beats, R&B moves... but WHOA! These sneakers are planted in some tough real-i-ties... deez ain't puff-and-smoke sugar tunes! Growin up in MoTown, just down the street from Gordy's studio... I remember tunes like this rollin' out of CKLW, where we'd get up and scream "YEAH! For real, man!" Sing-along-able, soaring vocals, cellophane-tight band... Cold Water for Schorched Souls... TOTAL TRIUMPH!!