Daddy's Home - St. Vincent User Reviews

  • This is her Mellow Gold

    By angeljake
    Down should be the first track on the album. The rest reminds me so much of Mellow Gold by Beck. I like the mellower stuff just expected more surprises.
  • What to say…

    By NxDLamb
    I really like St Vincent/Annie, but this album isn’t it. I don’t know what or why, it’s just not a good sound. It’s kinda hokey. Makes me sad.
  • Great album

    By ewwwwwwee
    Feels like a complete story
  • One of her best albums

    By sadboywithtacos
    A masterpiece
  • Betty Davis

    By AuerswaldBlue
    I realized I’ve heard this before...good production with solid groove.
  • Ok

    By ControlTheThots😑
  • Nope

    By gringo99
    Not good
  • Yes

    By dagreatone555
    Trash cans for sale in front yard and then they can do it next weekend so we won’t have time to get it done for you guys today tomorrow morning then we will have a party at my house for a few hours to pick up some things from the beach so we could get a new car for you guys and then they can come over for the day or so
  • Excellence

    By blasticuffs
    Really love this album. Wonderfully expresive vocal range. Beautiful sound palate, somehow familiar & strange at once. Sometimes rollicking, haunting & downright weird. St. Vincent is a unique & vibrant talent & Daddy's Home is an absolute joy to experience.
  • yes

    By xX_Aki_Xx