Evergreen - Pentatonix User Reviews

  • Eh, it’s ok.

    By xCarrieex
    I love PTX, but their last couple of Christmas albums (this one included) haven’t been my favorites. This album in particular feels like it’s missing the same flair and excitement as past ones. The arrangements are missing the classic PTX spin on them or the spins are odd. (Over the River comes to mind for sure.) Sorry guys, but this ain’t it for me. Also, why is “all I want for Christmas” an exclusive track on a physical album? Who has a CD player anymore?
  • 💗💗💗

    ptx can do no wrong and I cry every time I listen to evergreen!! imo the prayer rivals hallelujah for their best xmas arrangement of all time
  • The Best, Beautiful and Harmonious Album Ever!!!!!

    By PinkVioletBlue
    This is yet another excellent collection of songs. Pentatonix always comes through and never disappoints their fans!
  • This ain’t it.

    By @ConcentrateJake
    PTX usually serves with Christmas music but this album is bland and seems forced by the label.
  • Amazing!

    By James724
    A perfect holiday album!
  • I usually love PTX…but

    By Melmarie29
    I love PTX, seen them in concert a dozen times, have all their albums. This one is a dud. They sound forced, bored and emotionless. It’s really disappointing. Mitch just looks so unhappy to be part of the group. I Just Called to Say I Love You is the worst. Sorry guys.. it’s just a dud
  • Destined to be a Classic

    By whirltraveller
    Mark my words, this album will become a classic Go-To every Christmas season!
  • So so

    By MaryG41
    I’m an avid pentatonix fan and normally love everything they put out. This album, however, was pretty bland, boring, and not creative. I still LOVE them and they sound beautiful, but it wasn’t an exciting album for me.
  • amazing

    By stan kirstin for clear skin
    this album is absolutely amazing and beautiful! perfect christmas tracks!
  • The Best

    By G.P. Ekpendu
    I love every Song on this!!!! Is incredible!!!!❤️😩

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