Firm Foundation - Selah User Reviews

  • Amazing Album

    By HeyCanada
    WOW! I love Selah’s latest album . Firm Foundation has to be the best album they’ve ever released . Stylistically, it is their most diverse. From pop, to Rock, to Americana, to the beautiful piano- driven songs that they are known for, this album offers something for everyone. I purchased all 4 singles and will be purchasing the rest of the album. I can’t pick a favorite song, but the stand out track has to be Firm Foundation. Not only is the song a great reminder that no matter our circumstance, God is our firm foundation that we can lean on, but Amy’s voice truly shines on this beautiful song. I can’t recommend this album enough.
  • Great Worship....

    By Artman706
    Never been a huge fan of CCW. There are a ton of groups who are fair, who inevitably are contracted to put out garbage, but Selah are just great. Super professional, talented, and genuine. For a long time now too. And I can attest they're great in concert too.
  • This is one of their best

    By Johnny the house
    I don’t usually do this but had to on this album “wow” just absolutely the best album of 2019 you will be uplifted wit this on especially “no sweeter name of Jesus “
  • My Soul is Satisfied!

    By claudastar
    This album is a must-have for anyone who loves worship music! It's full of songs that truely speak to the heart! It is on-point in telling who jesus is and what He has done for us. it speaks to the heart. the best album of the year! Thank you Selah for sharing.
  • Benediction

    By Jennie Riddle
    Thank you, Selah for bringing this song to the Body of Christ at such a timely moment. I love you and am so honored to be a part of this release. You are a joy to my heart and I appreciate your service to us all. Gorgeous treatment of one of my favorites...
  • Selah!!!

    By A Skypiper Original fan!
    I have only heard the first single on Firm Foundation CD...but I was enthralled! I have followed this group since 2005. I went back and bought every CD I could find, and have every one they have put out since. Selah is my “Go-To” music. When I am sad, I am lifted up! When I want to Worship God, I am refreshed in spirit. When I want to rejoice with joy, I sing along! Ha! No one sees can hear...but I love doing it. Even with the African songs that I had to download and memorize the music to. GOD BLESS Selah...each and every CD, single, video they do is superb quality! They touch Heaven and then send those blessings to whomever listens. So I pre bought this album that won’t come out for a month. But my birthday is in November when it is released...and it’s the best present I will get all year!

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