Flowering Spade - Sean Hayes User Reviews

  • Excellent

    By Clayton Cheever
    He has an outstanding voice and really knows how to write a song.
  • YES!

    By knuckle6
    this is wonderful music.. genuine barstool wisdom, drunken hand-held montages, break-ups and chance encounters, good friends in bad times and the same in reverse. All mixed up in little polaroid snap shot detail memories from the night before.. the t. rex t-shirt, the high heel shoes, the hips, the eyes, the high-wires.. pieces of what feels like real moments between real people in a fabric of bold universal analogies and tangents.
  • Music to my ears...

    By del fuego10
    Sean Hayes is a tremendous talent! Flowering Spade was my introduction to his music...and I can't believe it took me so long to discover him. He has become one of my favorite artists due to his timeless sound. A wonderful singer/songwriter, worthy of any iTunes library.
  • must have

    By ladydunn
    Fantastic album. I love Sean Hayes and this is my favorite album to date. He hits the heart wrenching cord with his sexy voice and poetic lyrics like few artists can. His romantic, playful , sensual attempts at communicating universal themes are effective and unique. Like all great unrequited love stories-Hayes somehow gets "it" and is able to share it, and bring the listener along on the feeling. You will feel it for sure. And relate to it.
  • Sean Hayes is a master

    By silvibee
    This man is incredibly talented. This is most recent album and it's a gem! From the orgasmic "Elizabeth Sways" to the historically appropriate "Dolores Guerrero" this man can do no wrong. He is one of my favorite artists of all time right behind Bob Dylan.
  • sean hayes is the man

    By me peck peck me wabbles
    perfect anytime. these tunes are the best.

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