Ghost Town: Greatest Hits (Re-Recorded Versions) - The Specials User Reviews

  • Beware

    By ideofact
    No Terry Hall. Not original recordings of Ghost Town, Message to Rudy, etc. I've heard cover bands that do more inspired versions of these songs. The one star is for the cover art.
  • Not the originals

    By Bruvver
    These Specials don't sound so special without Dammers and Hall. I clicked the buy button on impulse, before I'd had a chance to digest that these are not the wonderful original recordings. Blew seven bucks on what is very nearly a counterfeit album. Nice production polish but low on energy, relevance, and authenticity.
  • Rerecorded not remastered and no Terry Hall!

    By CardNGold
    These are just a bunch of classics redone by Neville Staple and one or two of the original band members if that but not by Terry Hall who was the voice of the Specials. This album lacks all of what made the originals so memorable with Ghost Town in particular missing Terry’s haunting voice. These are nothing like the originals and I can think of a dozen other bands that have covered these songs and did a much better job of it then this latest attempt. Go buy the original!
  • RE-Recordings MEANS original Artists people

    By eriqesque
    These are re-recording from the original artists who did the songs. Some people need to get the facts straight before reviewing
  • ska at it's best!

    By Johnny5apple
    all the hits & more. lovin' it:)
  • Not the Specials - rerecordings. Who's the real Pink?

    By sadlad
    It is a shame that the legacy of the original Specials has descended into "who gets the rights to record now." No Terry Hall (the original singer), no Jerry Dammers (the mastermind of it all.) What you get is slavish copies of an old idea. Plus Bob Marley covers. Who wants hand-downs?