Gospel According to PJ - PJ Morton User Reviews

  • Fabulous!

    By NERD P
    Loved the variety of artists and I listen to “All in His Plan” on repeat, it is my jam!
  • Praise!

    By Maestro 5
    This is music for all musical taste. Awesome.
  • CoachYoung77

    By Rellrell77
    2020 has been trying to Shatter my Heart into millions of pieces but Bro yo God Given Gift has been some Holy Ghost Filled Glue that’s been keeping me together #DontLetGo #PjDatruth
  • Tastefully Crafted

    By LockJohnson
    The textures and tones throughout the entire album help push the message of each song to their intended destinations. Beautifully done✊🏾
  • Great Anticipation!

    By Miss Rho
    I have long awaited this release date. The two early releases were great songs, but the entire album is typical extraordinary musicianship from PJ with the perfect features from his friends. He brought out the heavy hitters this time! PJ Morton’s music gives me old school vinyl feels...back when you just placed the needle and let it play. This will be on repeat for a while. Much needed music for these tumultuous times.
  • Wonderful CD!

    By AFC 2
    PJ Morton has a style and sound that is awesome. Truly enjoyed this project. I love every song! Continued blessings upon you PJ ✊🏽💯
  • Thank You PJ!

    By @IamLadyKee
    Every song is AMAZING!!!
  • Gospel according to PJ

    By beebee💖
    Amazing so relevant at this time, it takes me back to a place of comfort and peace.Thank you PJ🎧🎧🎧
  • Promising!

    By KAsigh1911
    From the two songs that’s been made available as of 8.14.20, if the rest of the album sounds like those, then it will likely be a solid body of work. Looking forward to 8.28.20.
  • amazing

    By ggfim123
    i already know it’s going to be a great album with the way the holy spirit moves through pj. the two singles blow me away - you HAVE to get this album.

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