Here We Go Love - The Beat starring Dave Wakeling User Reviews

  • Do you ever age Dave!

    By jimbomac28
    Love this new album!!! Mix between The Beat and General Public!!! Way to go Dave we can’t wait until you get back to Raleigh NC!!!!! Jimbomac

    By Robbp268
    AWESOME ! So many great tracks- congrats Dave- don't make us wait so long next time.....better than ever
  • Thank you Dave!

    By Share62
    I’ve been seeing the Beat in San Francisco at Bimbo’s for years. Love the new album. Congratulations!!
  • get this album- utter perfection, forever songs

    By MariaG*
    Been trying to dream up my ultimate song list , one I would listen to every single day for the rest of my life. Seemed an impossible task, then along came this album to exceed my wildest imagination. Fast and slow, lush yet stark, complicated and simple, danceable, thinkable, mad, sane, kinesthetic, and cerebral, hot, cool, earthly and celestial-from my home town yet global- happy and sad. All this at once, everything we all are- faults and all- with a pull that draws the tides inside and vibrates every human atom in our hearts and in that nebulous part we call soul. I’ve found my forever playlist! can it get any better? Yes, better with each listen!
  • SKa the original

    By Hawaii 77
    Sounds like some original first kine SKa. English Beat ONO

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