Hurricane (Deluxe Edition) - Natalie Grant User Reviews


    By Elbissopmi
    I love closer to your heart its my fav !!!!
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By sledgehammernicorn167
    Closer to ur ❤️
  • An inspirational, uplifting and very well produced work of art!!

    By nick467571
    This is no doubt my favorite album Natalie has ever released. The thing that is most amazing about this album is that Natalie was able to write songs about her own life's struggles and turn these songs into to something that can impact people and their walk with God. Take the song "Burn Bright" for example. Natalie wrote that for her nephew who was battling a drug addiction but the lyrics are able to help me too because they are just a great reminder that in life we were made for so much and made to shine. I love this album so much and it helps me feel better when I'm sad and helps bring me closer to my God. Also, in my opinion this album should have one the Grammy for best Christian album but that's not a big deal because this album has impacted my life and most likely so many other's. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars!! 💖💖🙏🙏❤️
  • Love,love,love!

    By katSong
    In love with "Hurricane", so catchy!
  • Awesome

    By God&batman
    Love this song, one of the best! ! U
  • Just Keeps Getting Better

    By dorunrun4fun
    Versatile, talented artist. She has been a stand-out in vocals and piano ballads. One of my favorite albums of the last few years.
  • Released on my golden birthday

    By Bowling bag
    Love every song and released on my 15 birthday which I share with my grandpa.
  • God Bless Natalie!!!!

    By God'sCatLover
    I am 11 and I listen to this on K-Love!! I have been waiting FOREVER for this song to finally come out!! God Bless You Natalie Grant and Keep Making Those Awesome Song of Your's!!! Sent from my iPod gen2
  • I love it

    By Leesh3
    Natalie you are the best singer ever I'm 8 years old and I listened to your songs and cryed god bless you
  • this is so good!

    By shallamaaa
    OMG I LOVE THIS ALBUM! "Hurricane" is a wonderful song when we go through hard times. "when I leave the room" oh my gosh it made me cry its so sad but such a good song! I love you Natalie! keep it up girly! BUY THIS ALBUM!

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