iDarkness - D1ofaquavibe User Reviews

  • Very energetic album!

    By Legendary Shaneth
    I just finished listening to this album and WOW!! I'm gonna take this to the gym and destroy some weights!! Every song is fantastic and full of energy!!
  • Great songs!

    By FPS Perry
    Yep :)
  • Amazing!

    By conboy
    Filled w/ countless minutes of sick guitar solos and awesome songing metal music! Great songs
  • Needs to be more popular

    By X5m
    Sandy Ravage fans rejoice!
  • Great Album!!!!!

    By Hdbdhj
    This Band needs more popularity because their music is GREAT if u like heavy metal!
  • So far I like it!

    By bigslug5
    It's really different as metal goes. So far, I've heard no singing, so I think this would be cool to play a video game like Left for Dead and blast away! It certainly sounds like music to kill zombies to!!! Different but all together pretty cool. I'd buy it!

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