Live Free - Pastor Mike Jr. User Reviews

  • HOTTEST ALBUM OF 2019!!!!

    By T Pettus
    SUPER DOPE ALBUM!!!! You can listen to it all the way through! They don’t really make albums like this anymore 🙌🏽
  • Wow.

    By upliftedandmanifested
    The swag on this album and the sound is incredible. Great production work, great place to take modern gospel music. I remember not long ago when it was a struggle for me to make the complete change from secular to gospel/christian music. GOD led me to find artists with the sound and stylistics that attracted me top secular in the first place, and I was hooked, quickly replacing all of my secular music with Christian artists. I have never looked back and I am glad He pushed me to let other music go. Since then, I have found peace, strength, and a sound mind that I never knew. Being a musician myself and a true audiophile, music is in my blood, it is in my bone, it is in my soul. I have to not just hear music, I have to feel it. It is a wonderful thing, rolling the windows down as the sun goes down, taking a curvy, hilly backroad drive, with the right sounds to elevate your spirit and soul to a new place in worship as the sound penetrates from every direction. This new album from Pastor Mike Jr is a nice addition to my lengthy list of artists I love. Keep it coming, Pastor!

    By My Angel mom
    This Amazing Album Literally Blessed and Changed my Life 🙌 Glory Be To God 🙌 I never leave reviews .. But .. THIS IS A MUST HAVE ALBUM !!! When I first downloaded it I literally worshiped and danced nonstop through the whole album three times in a row… I will literally be listening to this every day and Worshiping The Lord 🙌 This album is definitely Anointed by the Lord🙌🙌🙌 Christian or not I think everyone needs to own this album… Because it will bless you🙏 I promise you that… God bless 🙏 much love and aloha💖🙏💖🌴🤙🏽 GOD IS SO SO GOOD 🙌 God Bless you Pastor Mike Jr. For This Holy Spirit Lit 🔥 Album 🙏 Truly Grateful and Has Blessed My Life 🙏💖🙏
  • One of the best Christian albums I’ve ever heard!

    By Amanda Gentry
    Every song brings something different and fresh. Very relatable, inspiring, and uplifting. I’ve kept it on repeat!🔁
  • Best

    By GHWS19
    One of the best albums I’ve heard in a while
  • Fresh take on Christian music

    By MasterfulMind
    Great front to back.
  • Fire

    By pastorLamar
    Album if the year
  • Grammy Worthy!

    By OfficialChunJ
    This album is Grammy worthy and I’m so excited for my pastor. What an amazing body of work. It shows you have the range have a heart for worship, but you can also flow with the best of them!
  • Well done!

    By Kevin’s Mac 1
    Awesome music, speaking into th believers life; calling into existence Biblical principles. And, when we speak God's promises, he will make them happen!
  • Love it!!!!

    By BaddieMaddie
    Congratulations on the new album. It has been a blessing to watch you accomplish all of your dreams. These songs are my every morning praise, worship and meditation as I am traveling to and from work. Love it.