Medicine At Midnight - Foo Fighters

Medicine At Midnight - Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2021-02-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9

  • ℗ 2021 Roswell Records, Inc., under exclusive license to RCA Records

Medicine At Midnight - Foo Fighters Tracks

Medicine At Midnight - Foo Fighters User Reviews


    By diredirerere
  • Stunning

    By Leakey3
    This album is amazing. Every song is creative and emotive. Buy it.

    By 123PleaseComeForMe
    I’m gonna be honest, I had no idea they had released 3 singles until I was browsing my phone while trying to do schoolwork, and saw a foo fighters album from 2021. I was like “Cool! When did they release this?” Turns out it was that exact day, Feb. 5th. I was like - “whoa” and I listened to the whole album immediately. At first I was skeptical, and thought it was a “meh” album. Then I listened to it a few more times, and now I absolutely love it! It is an amazing album, but you will have to stick it out a few times before you can really enjoy it. I can’t stop playing it now, and have already learned all the songs on drums. 🤘 rock on, foo fighters!!!
  • Love it!

    By K to the E ven
    The guitar sounds so good in the Medicine at Midnight solo. Taylor is holding back a lot in this album but otherwise, sick hooks and grooves all the way around. Grohl once again shows another aspect of his creative side. Keep surprising us!!
  • Too much mushy

    By RRH 9
    Like their hard rock this reminds me of other soft rock artists
  • I tried...

    By Craig's MacBook
    The previous I bought just because I trusted it would be amazing. I was disappointed. This one, I bought on blind faith, hoping for a pleasant surprise. Once again, I am heartbroken. I blame myself. I obviously have not grown the way they have. I am now that guy that listens to 10 year old music. Yep. I just be here in my front porch, yelling at passers by...
  • Dave has earned the right ...

    By Pops&Mojo
    to do whatever he wants. He has been making music for decades and it's not anyone's place to tell him this is no good. It's what satifies him, maybe musically, maybe financial, which I doubt, he doesn't strick me as someone in it for the money, so I'll say, Dave I'm glad you're around. You are a bridge from 90's grunge to today's music, and I appreciate all the years of your contributions! So do whatever you want to do, haters will hate, even when the hater's have no credentials to criticize. Nice to have new music to consider, thanks
  • LOL

    By thrashmaniac6
    Good thing I never really liked this band.
  • Don’t let the bots fool you

    By Loofighter83
    Don’t be swayed by the negative reviews, this album is great. A little different from a regular Foo record but the songwriting is there. I actually think the singles are the weakest songs. Cloudspotter, Medicine at Midnight, and Holding the Poison are classic Foo Fighters songs. Most of the negative reviews are from November of last year. I don’t know how you can review (and not like) an album that you haven’t heard.
  • Reviews

    By movie-critique
    It should not be allowed on iTunes to review an album prior to its official release date. To judge an album by its first single, months before the actual album comes out, is unfair and very narrow-minded. THIS is is a GREAT album, and I am not writing this to balance out the bad reviews written weeks before the release but because it is. I don't think they have moved away an inch from what they have been for the last decades, a great rock band with unforgettable songs. No Son Of Mine, Making A Fire, Cloudspotter, Waiting On A War, Holding Poison are definitely in the vein of their most successful albums. And, since this never gets mentioned, I like the artwork a lot. This albums deserves reviews that are about the full album and after at least a couple of rounds of full listening.