Mercury - Act 1 - Imagine Dragons User Reviews

  • Love it so far

    By Marrinna78
    It’s only a few songs, but I like it
  • I love imagine dragons and have been a fan since 2016

    By Imagine dragons are awsome
    Cutthroat is ok cause I like it oh and follow and wrecked I like there trying my favorite band
  • Garbage

    By Rob has created a masterpiece
    Hands down the worst band in the history of music.
  • Uhhhh

    By AwesomeAnonamous
    Ok here are my opinions on the songs so far Follow You: It’s ok, it has decent lyrics and vocals, but falls short on the uniqueness I look for in imagine dragon songs, like Birds or Love. Cutthroat: Awful, I hate the vocals, the lyrics are weird, it’s nothing like the imagine dragon we were all waiting for. Wrecked: I guess it’s ok, nothing special about it, but no flaws that stand out immediately, still not anything like their older songs. I’m giving this a five star in the hopes that their other songs are phenomenal, like birds, love, real life, and burn out, which are my personal favorites.
  • 1st 3 songs are amazing!

    By Scrappy6754
    Cutthroat is a banger that makes you want to turn the volume up to max. Follow you is simple, touching, and soulful. Wrecked is a masterpiece. Not surprised; ID has been incredibly consistent over the last 10 years. They continue to crank out hits and I would be shocked if the remainder of the album was nothing less than brilliant.
  • Not loving what’s out so far

    By ilistentomusic(obviously)
    This band does not sound good anymore. Ratings in order of release: ———————————————————————— Follow You - 3/10. Instrumentals seem like a parody of all the generic pop stereotypes. Lyrics are just stupid. It’s just nothing new or creative. ———————————————————————— Cutthroat - 1/10. This sounds a tad experimental but Rick Rubin can no longer produce quality songs to save his life. Horrendous production and Dan’s vocals do NOT match the instrumentals. By far their worst song ever. Unlistenable. ———————————————————————— Wrecked - 5/10. Sounds like a little of their older songs, which is okay. But it’s nothing too special. It sounds like something I would have enjoyed on their first two albums, but now they need to do something more refreshing besides their oldest stuff or generic pop to impress me. Then again, a 5 is amazing for what they’ve fallen to now. ———————————————————————— Overall, not loving what’s been put out. I don’t know why I still hold on to hope for at least a few songs I’ll like from this record. But I do. Because this band has potential. They’ve just completely thrown it away the past few years.
  • Already better than previous albums

    By ThemSolidSands
    I already think this album is going to be an improvement from Origins and most songs in Evolve, I like that they are trying out new sounds and genres, like in Cutthroat, I was very pleased with the song Wrecked. It reminded me of many of the songs in Smoke and Mirrors, which I believe is their best produced studio album so far. I’m glad this band has stayed true to their genre and not immersed themselves with the popular music on the radio today with the horrible rap and pop mixed with lots of autotune. I respect their authentic sound and am anxious to see how Mercury-Act 1 will turn out.
  • It’s actually really good

    By survival rule 8
    Cutthroat is not one of the bands better songs but wrecked and follow you are incredible hope to see more of that in the new album
  • Amazing!

    By ReasonedTwo130
    The production of these tracks is out of this world. Amazing to see them progress this way.
  • An Intriguing Sample

    By Lonect
    I’m not entirely sure how to predict how good this album will be. Wrecked is fantastic and definitely one of the band’s best. Follow You is okay, but it is “generic” as other reviewers have put it. Then, Cutthroat manages to be the worst song Imagine Dragons has released, although the attempt to mix up their usual sound is admirable. So, as far as quality goes, this album is all over the gamut. We’ll just have to hope they follow in the footsteps of Wrecked.