My Gift - Carrie Underwood User Reviews

  • It’s also pretty omg

    By Alpaca7613
    There so calming and her voice is so powerful so totally recommend.
  • Awful

    By TooCool SC430
    This sounds like it was recorded on Underwood's personal tape recorder down in her basement. The overall sound throughout the album sounds "muffled". This doesn't even sound like a professional recording. Absolutely awful. And half the "Christmas" songs are things nobody's ever heard of. Nobody wants to hear crappy new Christmas music. You should be ashamed for taking people's money, Carrie, when you probably spent only a couple of hours working up these songs. Do you think people don't have ears? Sheesh!
  • Legend ruins it for me sorry

    By heIstheReasonforTheseason
    I love Carrie & all the songs about Christ. But allowing Satanist Jesus mocker John Legend on the album is very wrong & Carrie should be more aware.

    By Guscollins_1015
  • Unbelievable voice

    By AmandaW81
    This is an absolutely beautiful album. Carries voice is amazing. There is not one song on here that I don’t like. My kids even love it. The song with her sons melted my heart. One of the best Christmas albums I’ve purchased.
  • Beautiful!

    By Houseofnoel
    At a time when we need peace most of all Carrie’s album shines. The track ‘Let There Be Peace’ is so uplifting and masterfully sung. ‘Hallelujah’ is my next favorite.
  • Why John Legend???

    By CourageousDude
    C’mon Carrie. Why are you associating yourself with a pedo?
  • Yes to Carrie, big fat no to John

    By ItalianaAri
    He ain’t no legend - it’s alllll Carrie baby!!! #johnsucks

    By Happy Thanksgiving 2020
    Carrie and John have used their gifts to create a thing of beauty for us all. Beyond the music, and in contrast to what I saw on my TV all summer, they have given us HOPE. A white woman and a black man collaborated to make this a reality. Perhaps a small step but it is a great example for us all!
  • My New Fave Christmas Album

    By Andra694
    Her voice. Her song choices. The passion. Not to mention her sons singing with her??! This album is my new favorite Christmas album. Top 5 Christmas albums of all time.

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