Relentless - Natalie Grant User Reviews

  • Amazing!

    By Horse gal #1
    My mom introduced me to Natalie Grant several years ago on a car trip, I've loved her music ever since!
  • Ummm?

    By Jake120502
    Well, it's great especially In better hands, I will not be moved and in christ alone. The other 9 should have a little more rhythm.
  • Thank You!

    By 4restS.
    My dad is currently serving in the army, and will be deploying soon to Afghanistan. Every time that I have felt sad in Better Hands comes onto the radio. I can't tell you how many times that I have needed something, and that song has come on. Just when I needed it. God really used this song to help me! Thank you Natalie! All of your songs are a blessing.
  • Love her!!!

    By Abbiggaaiill
    I will not be moved. Best song everrr!!! Amen;)
  • if i could i would!

    By Maren Schultz
    ok so you all know that she has a beautiful voice. i tried singing one of her songs and on the first note i started coughing... not a good choice. but you should deffinatly buy this album. she is sharing her feelings through song, just like i share mine through dance. she knows her call and she follows it. she is one of the greatest artists of our generation.
  • First time

    By love is here indeed
    So i bought this cd not knowing really what to expect, and i don't regret one penny i put into this purchase. Her voice is simply amazing and powerful! The lyrics?! They are incredibly beautiful, uplifting, and encouraging. My fave song wld have to be "Our Hope Endures" it just shows u just when u think u're alone or u're about to give up, she reminds us in this song that the believer's hope will endure because Jesus Christ is that hope. All the songs are wonderfuly done, espcially Perfect ppl, and In Better Hands. U won't regret it, enjoy!
  • Perfect people?!?!? No such thing!!!

    By TanaF
    Love her!!! Just saw her this weekend at the Women of Faith conference in Phoenix & she was amazing!! Very pregnant & still out there singing her heart out! She's beautify inside & out!! It was the 1st time I had heard her music & I instantly loved it!
  • This album moves me!

    By jrpookie
    Natalie Grant is absolutely amazing and so is this album! I had not heard of her until they started playing "I Will Not Be Moved" on the radio. I didn't realize all these awesome songs were on the same album! I can't wait to hear "Love Revolution" which I will buy as soon as I add more credit to my account, lol. :) Buy, listen, will not be disappointed! God has given her a great gift to get to the heart of the matter and reach people...this is some of the best contemporary Christian music out there!!!
  • Love her

    By James pullen
    She is relly great in concert .
  • Speaks 2 me!

    By nrmisstallyxoxo
    I love this album! I love Make a Way! Nice job Natalie! Love your songs!

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