Remember Her Name - Mickey Guyton User Reviews

  • Nah

    By KRoss71
    Good voice. Obvious pop and hip-hop production. Not bad, just not country music. Throw it over to the pop genre, and it’s probably a good record.
  • what?

    By Dead Whale Queen
    someone rated this 0/5 because it’s “not country, she has a good voice though”. just because something isn’t strictly country doesn’t mean it’s bad. y’all gatekeep far too much.
  • Refreshing.

    By Kaits03
    Thank you for adding your beautiful voice to this genre. Love it!
  • Incredible!

    By DarkBlueSide
    I've been a fan of Mickey since 2014. To see her get all of the well deserved acclaim & success she's gotten over this past year is amazing. She is no doubt one of the most talented country artists in a very long time. All of the pre-release songs are incredible & I have no doubt the rest of the album will be! Support Mickey!
  • not good

    By Impeytodd
    Don’t wAste your money
  • LOL at the Karens rating her 1-star

    Title says it all. So nice to see people taking the time to come on her to “trash” her album. God bless your little brains and good luck out there. Mickey is talented. Sorry she doesn’t write songs about summer time and binge drinking. Xoxo
  • Terrible

    By Luchesse1987
    Terrible songs, definitely not country. She has a good voice.
  • I kinda like her but honestly nothing special here

    By JB Owensboro
    I’ve seen Mickey in concert and have been watching her career or lackluster progress. I’m sure she may see Nashville in a different light from the inside but from the outside, there’s not much here that sets her apart from other artists trying to make it. There are legit reasons she’s not a superstar but it’s apparent she sees the reasoning behind that differently too.
  • This is now country

    By Brewster 2
    If you truly don’t believe you live in the land of the free, do you honestly think you would have had an opportunity to write a song about it? What a shame. I think you have talent and I would have bought a few of the songs in this album.
  • Amazing

    By RWB88
    Mickey is an amazing artist. No flops on this album.

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