The Bitter Truth - Evanescence User Reviews

  • So perfect already

    By Hdlghdkgalgs
    Cant wait to hear the whole album.
  • Sad :(

    By Lachtopia
    I am trying to escape politics Amy!

    By Trekkie4ever02
    So excited for this new album. I love the first four songs so far and I can’t wait for the rest!
  • Beautiful!

    By Gravelm1
    Amy Lee's voice goes right through my body, my bones and soul. She has one of the best voices out there and the new songs reflect that-cant wait til the whole album is released! Amy Lee rocks!
  • Omg yess

    By goooooo thru
    This was my music I grew up with ha
  • Evanescence is back😍

    By devinvelez
    Truly fantastic masterpiece with the four songs already! I can only imagine how incredible the entire album will be! I am so excited and eager to listen.! Already pre-ordered and cannot wait!
  • Meh

    By drmrcrys87
    I’ve been a fan since my teen years, so, a long time. They’ve had much better albums in the past. I’ve watched them continually go downhill over the past years. Her voice is still beautiful, as always. However, like a lot of people, I feel that her inability to keep her politics out of her music is distasteful. People use music as a means of escape and enjoyment. Unfortunately, for me, this album just doesn’t move me like the first few. But, that’s just me. Fan bases come and go. I’m sure with the ones they lose... they’ll gain more younger ones, which with a political agenda, is kind of the point.

    By xoxxo💕
    Evanescence is my all time favorite band. It’s been way too long since last I’ve heard them... I’m so excited about the new album and the upcoming World’s Collide Tour. Can’t wait for more
  • Where's the haunting music?

    By Mr. Titanic
    I love when Amy's voice is the focus, not when she's screaming to complete with guitars and drowned out. Beautiful, haunting, classic pieces like Together Again or Secret Door or the entire The Open Door album. I miss the violins, piano, orchestra. Release Perfect Dream. Get with Steve Lillywhite again, this metal focus is all wrong.
  • Rocking once again.

    By PrimalBlackFire2
    Such a relief to hear Hard rock from Evanescence! I like the currently released songs so far even though you can tell politics has affected the lyrics somewhat but luckily not enough to ruin the album for me (so far).