The Bridge (Deluxe) - Sting User Reviews

  • Limited Shelf Life

    By Bmarkable
    Sting seems to have lost some of his vocal range, most likely due to aging. This is a decent effort but to me, solo Sting was best when he was more immersed in a jazz phase. The instrumentation and music on these don’t do much to compliment his vocals as they did on other albums in the past.
  • Fav album since Ten Summers Tales

    By iceeeee
    Now this is an awesome CHILL STING ALBUM that us old cats have been accustomed to from the past ! 2 sting albums in a row now “57th “ and this one .. no I don’t include the shaggy album the least bit.. for a 70 year old man.. Sting is still very much Sting ! If this is his last proper “chill Rock album “ I’m content !
  • Ensure the Enduring

    By Lei Indiana
    I’m compassionate, frankly if his long span as a defined popularity. His revels, outplay an emotive confession. Surreal, subliminal, & characterizing of the importance to, dwell, design, & deviate against norms, the prospect is his problem we’re forever younger, then what we seem to become, it’s up to anyone, to forge delegation. “Loving You” & “If It’s Love”’Best tracks of the continuation, is singles serving as the follow up’s.
  • Sting

    By IvonaGemeoff
    is BACK!!!
  • Mature and inspired

    By Gerhard Holz
    Sting has put together a set of great new songs. Songs like “the book of numbers”, “harmony road”, or “for her love” show his wide range and skills as a songwriter and singer. His voice sounds has not sounded better in years and it is a fantastic album.
  • Sting still a master of his craft!

    By Alares Rock
    This album is so beautiful. I have to say Harmony Road is such a Masterpiece. Captain Bateman it’s another gem! Rushing Water and If it’s Love are very pop oriented and give a good balance to the album. Sting always surprise me, listen to “Hills on the Border” it’s just Amazing! I compare Sting to a great red wine, it gets better with time! I recently saw Sting and Dominc Miller interview with Rick Beato on you tube and they spoke about this album. Great interview, if you’re a musician watch it! If you’re a Fan watch this interview! Dominic Miller guitar in this album is superb! Great tones! Gracias Maestro por este álbum tan hermoso! 🙏🏻
  • Sting’s most Pop Album Since Ten Summner’s Tales

    By Stingbee
    This album brings Sting back to the pop world and music is very smoothing and soulful. “Loving You” is the highlight of the album- it one moody Sting melody with synth sounds and funky vibes. “Rushing Water” is the perfect lead single for this album as it brings memories of The Police vibes. “For Her Love” is like a sequel to “Shape of my Heart”- a perfect mellow with Bach like notes. “If It’s Love” is a simple catchy pop song that is full of joy and happiness- and whistling. “The Bells of Saint Thomas” speaks to your soul… “The Book if Numbers” sounds like Mercury Falling meeting Ten Summoner’s Tales. Overall, most Sting fans will enjoy this pure Pop classic. Sting sounds fantastic with his vocals- amazing for a 70 year old artist that is still buzzing the music world.
  • What happened?

    This album sounds like a bad mix from the studio, like his mouth was too close to the microphone. Little creativity. Without Botti, Miller or some orchestration being more prominent, this falls flat into a B rated attempt that lacks the catchy haunting harmonies that once made Sting a premier artist.
  • Best Release in a While

    By VicSemprini
    This is the most interesting and engaging Sting release in a while for me. Sting left the Police and that band's style of music a long time ago, so don't expect a return to that kind of songwriting. This is mature, well-written, and well-produced album that I'll be listening to a lot.
  • Magnificent- once again

    By vballgirl818
    Thank you Sting for all of the wonderful music over the years, loving The Bridge, your songs have been a background for my life and I am grateful for you!

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