The Specials & Friends (Re-Recorded) - The Specials User Reviews

  • Good?

    By mweills
    Terry Hall, Neville Staples, and Lynval Golding left the Specials in the Fall of 1981. The Rise and Fall of the Two Tone movement was fast and furious. In the wake of the demise of The Specials, only Madness, Bad Manners, and The English Beat were left to carry on. Madness turned into more of a pop group, albeit a mighty one at that.
  • ...*sigh*

    By q-dub
    The Specials Got Rid Of Their Lead Singer In The Ninties They Are Not Nearly As Good As They Were With Rico Just Get Rico Back And EveryThing Will Be Fine Maybe He's dead Or Something I Dont Know...Oh well
  • The Specials Live On!

    By Shadrach33
    They're very best songs with a few other mentionable names. You gotta respect they're friends too... Okay buy it for The Specials' sake... Or,just get it for your collection...