Therapy - Anne-Marie User Reviews

  • It’s the album of the year

    By theonlyRania
    It’s a masterpiece
  • Kiss my (uh oh) by little mix and Anne Marie!

    By HUGE fan from S. Cruz, CA
    I really like the songs “our song” and also “kiss my (uh oh)”! Especially kiss my (uh oh)! That song is definitely a bop
  • ended no one

    By aidan_rh
    Tanked and little mix tanked so hard can’t sell no where except uk
  • She didn’t disappoint

    By TheyEnvy_asi
    I was already excited for this album to drop, and then I heard the songs on the album and all I can say is, Anne-Marie DID NOT DISAPPOINT, I am beyond speechless on how relatable her songs are. It’s crazy to me. I personally love all of these songs but I think I have a few favorites. Some of these songs just hit different. But I am beyond proud of all of the thing she has accomplished.❤️❤️

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