There Is a Cloud (Live) - Elevation Worship User Reviews

  • 🤩🤩🤩

    By UR MUM 7474
    I Usually listen to rap And my mom watches you almost every Sunday My mom tells me “Why don’t you listen to elevation?” So I tried it and This album Might be one of my fav albums😃😃
  • Radio Version

    By mk77bike
    Does anyone know where to get the radio version of Do It Again? I get tired of purchasing stuff on iTunes only to discover the song I bought is not the same as what is played on the radio. Why?
  • Love this album

    By rrking63
    I listen to this album every morning as I get ready for work!! It starts my day on the right footing!
  • AMAZING!!!

    By Za🔥
    BEST BAND OUT THERE!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼I LOVE THEM!!! 🙌🏼❤️💝💖
  • Amazing!

    By ThatGuyThatDidAThing
    Idk how to say what I want to about this album other than how powerful and God-revering it is. It’s my favorite worship album of all time!
  • Love it

    By NateDogSmith
  • Sounds like heaven 🙏🏽

    By shelly0908
    Spirit of The Lord is with this church and It’s worship. Support your brothers and sisters who sing songs for the soul and not songs to give hold to the negative around.
  • There Is Not A Cloud

    By Mr. Bowe
    I kept looking over and over again, but there was no cloud on the album cover. Frustrating! When the album is even titled, "There Is A Cloud" I expect that there will, in fact, be a cloud. Try again, Elevation!
  • LOVE!!!!!!

    By bvgfkksud
    I love this album so much! So many people growing closer to our god! He is ALIVE! He Loves you! He is Risen! He is Freedom! He is life! He is JESUS! Our god never fails! Love never fails! We ❤️ You Jesus! If you're reading this please know YOU matter.
  • Mattchew

    By TrooperE17
    Truly amazing. Words can’t describe how touching. There are songs and music that people can turn to when in good times, and in bad. I truly found peace in hearing Here In The Presence. To know that no matter what we’ve done as sinners we are forgiven and can move on, leave it at the cross, it’s over now. Elevation Worship, thank you for your witness.

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