This Christmas - Francesca Battistelli User Reviews

  • Adorable Christmas album

    By ourquickpick
    Has an old fashioned jazzy feel to it, new favorite in our house
  • 🎄 Refreshing 🎄

    By joeysgirl72
    The world is in chaos with sickness, animosity, worry, and fear, and along comes this album singing refreshing songs of hope, redemption, sleigh rides, and happy times. This is EXACTLY what we need right now! Even if real life can’t mirror the happy feels in this album, we can still close our eyes and “go there” while we listen to these songs. I just love this, and even the album cover is so cheerful and cute. Thanks Francesca, you’re a ray of light during this dark year! 💖 I’ll be listening to this album on repeat repeat repeat repeat 😁🎄
  • ❤️

    By fifhdhxh
    Love it

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