What About Today? - Barbra Streisand User Reviews

  • Thirteen Isn't A Lucky Number

    By a song 4u
    This is Barbra's thirteenth recording and her first "flop." Sad really, she established herself as a brilliant interpreter of standards, show tunes, and had shown her mettle as a film actress. After all that she wanted to express herself as a contemporary performer covering such acts as the Beatles and songs of "soft protest" and was largely ignored. Her version of "Alfie" is worth the price of this cd alone. Given the context of this lp it may have done better if released during the summer of 1967, the summer of love. Be that as it may this lp is still a fine listen but the mastering is subpar, it remained out of print until 1993 and was released with a string of other vintage Striesand lp's and while those were well remastered, this one sounds like it left the lab pre-mastered, just transferred to digital medium from it's analog elements. Expect to turn up the volume.
  • Still Memorable Songs

    By Monrocsol
    Though I remember this album not doing as good as others, it contains some great interpretation by this very young genious. Barbra's Honey Pie, is to date, the best interpretation of the song, and that includes The Beatles (which wrote it). Punky's Dilemma, Ask Yourself Why?, Little Tin Soldier, What About Today, deserve to be praised. My least liked was With A Little Help from My Friends, and that was due to the arrangement.
  • Definitely Worth Getting To Know

    By Score Your Life
    What About Today has gotten an unfair rap over the years especially since it contains some of Streisand's finest vocals.  Listen to her effortless control as she floats notes on songs like Little Tin Soldier, Punky's Dilemma, and Alfie.  And the vocal power she brings to songs like The Morning After, That's A Fine Kind O' Freedom, and What About Today is quite remarkable.  Her voice quality throughout the album is so smooth, rich and warm.  However what I like most about What About Today is the fact that she took a huge creative risk with this album- it's full of many protest songs of day challenging the establishment.  I hope this album gets its critical acclaim one day- it certainly deserves it.
  • Streisand in 1969

    By Marlboro Guy
    Streisand's first, tentative attempt to try out the work of contemporary songwriter's became her lowest charting and weakest selling album to date back in 1969. One big reason is that some of the songs chosen are ill suited to the vocalist, or just not very good songs in particular. Still, this album remains interesting since it is quite unlike anything else in her career catalogue and represents the very beginning of the singer's transformation to pop music.

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