Wonder - Shawn Mendes User Reviews

  • 💖

    By Tootbug230
    His voice sounds like an angel.
  • So!

    By 000003892772937
    So the lyrics to wonder were rlly creative good job 👏but like not a huge Bieber fan Nd I didn’t rlly like the intro 😐but wonder was interesting
  • ......

    By Neosha_a
  • Love it 😍

    By emily222024
    While reading these reviews most of them are negative saying he’s a copy of Harry styles, but did you know that he was an artist before Harry went solo so there isn’t a way for Shawn to be a copy of Harry.
  • “Wonder” is a fantastic song!

    By Anthoni
    Looking forward for more from the talented Shawn Mendes.
  • I’m so excited

    By Ollie647
    I’m so excited to hear this album. All the people saying bad things about Shawn and his music are most likely trolls. Who have probably only heard one or two of his songs and have no idea what they are talking about. This album will be amazing!
  • Heard it before

    By Iheartchewie
    It sounds just like In My Blood, down to the same (or very similar) percussion pattern, and then big sweeping vocals in the chorus. He’s pigeonholing himself by making the same record over and over again.

    By panda1317
    album of the year with no doubt. he did that. i’m so proud of him <33!!
  • You know it’s gonna be good

    By TXV800
    Last 3 albums were great, so I expect this to be the same 🔥
  • Sounds dumb

    By a nom inous gamer tag
    Like it always is 🥸