Somewhere Else - Sally Shapiro User Reviews

  • Superb!

    By San Diego Beach Earphones
    Like all of their work, this is fantastic, but this album shows tremendous development in both sound and outlook. I hope they keep producing music together for a long time. Get the whole album and enjoy the bonus tracks!
  • If I could give more stars I would

    By sirNader
    This album just may be the best of the year. Every now and then a record this special comes out. Pure euphoria and so good. Nothing sounds better than this.
  • Beautiful and Emotional

    By Blackbatguy
    Such beautiful rhythms and emotional lyrics! Favorite is "What Can I Do?" 👍👍👍👍
  • Best work yet!

    By jburnell
    By far my favorite album from Sally Shapiro. Also, its good from beginning to end!
  • Great!

    By ChimpCadet
    I didnit think much of her last album and have really only liked a few singles if hers here and there. But this is great. Also, the Collins really step it up.
  • Delicious.

    By fmepants
    I've been streaming this all day. Making me dance all over my apt. Their best one yet!
  • Absolute Beauty and Work of Art

    By GillyBen1314
    Beautiful music, lyrics, and absolute work of art.