SPAGHETTII - Beyoncé Lyrics

Genres are a funny little concept, aren't they?
Yes, they are
That Beyoncé Virgo shit
In theory, they have a simple definition
that's easy to understand
But in practice, well, some may feel confined
I swear 'fore God, it's 'bout to hit it
Jeeze, oh, ah
Right, right, ah, oh

I ain't in no gang, but I got shooters
and I bang-bang (Goddamn)
At the snap of my fingers, I'm Thanos
damn it, damn it (Oh)
And I'm still on your head, cornrows, damn it, damn it
They call me the captain (Come on), the catwalk assassin
When they know it's slappin', then here come the yappin'
All of this snitchin' (Ooh), and all of this bitchin'
Just a fishin' expedition, dumb admission
In the kitchen, cookin' up them chickens (Ooh)
Extra leg, but I ain't even tryna kick it
Cunty, country, petty, petty, petty (Ooh)
All the same to me, Plain Jane, spaghetti
No sauce, no sauce (No), too soft, too soft (Uh)
They salty
They shootin', like Curry (One, two, three)
One hand on my holster, then pass it to Hova (Woo)
Thought it was sweet when they was walkin' (Ooh)
In the backdoor of the kitchen past the dirty dishes (Woo)
Now we on a mission, tried to turn me
to the opposition (Ooh)
I'm appalled 'bout the proposition
Y'all been played by the plagiaristic
ain't gonna give no clout addiction my attention
I ain't no regular singer
now come get everythin' you came for

I ain't in no gang,
but I got shooters and I bang-bang
(They still love your flame
ain't no game or I'll pierce your heart)
I ain't in no gang
but I got shooters and I bang-bang
(Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang)
Come get everythin' you came for

Ayy, howl to the moon (Howl to the moon)
Howl to the moon
Outlaws with me, they gon' shoot
Keep the code, break the rules (Break the rules)
We gon' ride for every member that we lose
Someone here brought fire, ain't no tellin' who (Oh)
Play it cool
Know the lawman watchin' me
every time I move (Move)
Bounty on my head
can't go west, they on my shoes
No matter what the charges is
we ain't gon' tell the truth

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