H20 - Tink

H20 - Tink


H20 - Tink

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H20 - Tink Lyrics

You bring the sun to my yard and
The rain to my garden, the milk to my carton
To see the horizon, looking in your eyes and
Man, I'm just being honest
You put the count to my steps
Stance to my heart 'cause it beats through my chest
For you, for you

You are the block to my circuit
The change to my pocket
The one that I rock with
Mate to my soul, rock to my roll
Trail that I take when I'm tryna make it back home

You are the bell to my door
Sweat to my pores
Summer in the box when I'm nailed to the floor
Cone to my ice cream

Chest that I hide in when it's lightning and I'm frightened
You're the Friday to my weekend
My life vest when I'm in the deep end (eh)
You are H2O, H2O
Soup to my cold, film to the roll
Love doesn't fold

Ooh-ooh-oh gravity
Ooh-ooh-oh gravity
Ooh-ooh-oh gravity (oh)
Ooh-ooh-oh gravity (oh)

You put the smile in my cheek bones (oh)
You are the one that I need close (oh, sneaker)
You are my clock in the AM
Summer time is when we lay in

You're the lace to my shoes
Cup to my booze
One that I call late night when I'm loose
Stars to my sky
Wheels to my ride
Reason that I dropped off every other guy, yea

You're an angel in disguise
Boy you really make me fly
Only man that has my eyes
I just enjoy, your sense of humor
You're like a tumor
You're in my head all day (tada-tadan-dada)

You rock my world like out of space
Ooh-ooh-oh gravity
Ooh-ooh-oh gravity
Ooh-ooh-oh gravity
Ooh-ooh-oh gravity (oh)


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