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What defines my name?
What defines my name? (Nas)
What defines my name? (Nas)
What defines my name?

Name existed forever, means Victory Helper
Whole name means Protector
Shorten it by two letters, without the I-R at the end
The reincarnated Gil Scott livin' in the bottle again

The World Cup in Moscow with a blonde who's a ten
Vape pen when I speak, it's like a lottery win
Quote my total, multi-mogul
So fly, I could walk in any spot, every box be soakin'

From a time when weed was stronger, today's streets are calmer
They used to kill for shades, sneaks and bombers
Uh, my name existed forever
Before Christians came in America, even better

When click sounds of they mouths was language for humans
With stick figures in caves, my name's written fluent
Nasty like way before even Rome had a sewage
For 50-thousand years ago if I could choose this origin

Since there's nothin' to gain by assumin', I'ma say the definition of my name, the truest
I shocked 'em like real bullets in prop guns
Creep with baddies in sequin dresses who high-strung
Fresh off the jet, you can see my vision where I've come
How much time y'all got? Yo, Preem, let's drop somethin'

What defines my name?
What defines my name? (Nas)
What defines my name? (Nas)
What defines my name?

DNA of King James, kin of Saint Michael
Polygamous-minded, seven wives on ridiculous timin'
They always share the same title, that be the whiskey talk
That's foul like a stop-and-frisk, New York

At 20, I said I'd better quit by 30
Then by 30, I thought by 40 rapping is corny
How wrong was I?
Never would have thought at 50, new songs by Nas would be hard and live

I leave 'em scared like when they hear their name called, but ain't nobody there
The definition of my name probably started where
I rode the E train, fingers covered in ink stains
Writin' was like an escape, excitedly leave the beat flamed

It was Ra, Kane, Kool G and Kris
Few names like Cool James, 'Face, Cube and Rick
That was musically sick, successful and unnatural
I throw they songs in a cyanide capsule

The truth is poison to any fraud
Demigod rockin' suits and shoes, goin' against any odds
How could you hate me? I survived the '80s
The D's, the trauma, embalming fluid in laced weed
Inhale fumes from a stove we'll cook up
The show's booked up, I chose to take the world over, look up

What defines my name?
What defines my name? (Nas)
What defines my name? (Nas)
What defines my name?

Ay, yo, 30 years later, Illmatic was dropped
Yeah, man, what the fuck am I doing? Haha, haha
Ay, yo, Preem, chill
I got the rhymes, you got the beats (a'ight)

30 years later, we back in the streets, we back in the lab
A'ight then, let's go Nas!
It's time, it's album time, yeah
It's time?
It's time, Black, it's time
Premier album still gon' happen

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