Fire of God

Wayne Drain

  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 1998-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:59

Fire of God - Wayne Drain Music Video

Fire of God - Wayne Drain Lyrics

Verse 1- (Tier On3)
My futures stuck inside my window
Thats why they call window pane the rear of view
No wonder why my cranium has to feel low
I'm blessed with a curse to exempt my fear of you

Enough rappers in the game
Wheres the real poets I’m about to smear the fools
They think they got the skills
When really there stuck inside their beer and boos

All you rap about is woman attired cool
Do you think its cool getting high at school
What a regular person can go ride and do
It ain’t dope to get a girl inside your room

2 Chainz, Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, Kanye
For the love of god step up your game
You make me kick my feet off the chair
So I can pray for the noose to hang

You ain’t dope the only thing good
Is the chorus and the beats that you gotta make
If your looking for true talent
Close your skies and open the heat escape

Strange music funk volume slumerican
And shady records be todays
Top underground labels but don't get
Recognized for the efforts that they make

This ain't a I.M.O.H. remake (Ill Mind of Hopsin)
It’s all my thoughts smashed upon one brake
So that everyones minds behind me
Can notice the music that they play through waves

The time I take to write these lines
With popped highs why even bother to try
When I don't get the credit for my design
Or be noticed for killing my multiple rhymes

Chorus 1-
What happened to all of the old
Music that they had used to feed
The public now its all out sold
Would you drink show me what it means
To drink the cup of t

Verse 2- (Tier On3)
I won't stop till I get to my destination
I put all my heart into my respiration
My goal's to pass my biblical dedication
Parents told me set fire to your nation

Be admired by your education
The rap today gotta be a fake renovation
It’s all the same drink & smoke replications
I'm on guard about to destroy on hesitation

Busting at the federation
No more patience
Bursting my sense of tasting
Through the wall of truth it has no latency
Eyes over me I don't want to be paid in threes

No mater what I try to write
To make my spirit fly to get it simplified
The high that I imagine its a crippled tie
Tighten up the loose noose and drip the dry

I just want a normal life with a normal wife
Soar up high be able to afford my drive
The accord in eyes I wanna record my life
On torment cries boarded up porous plies

He planned for me to write
Now look where i am now it ain't no lie
My lyrical abilities about to hit a fine line
Want to be rapper yeah now it comes to mind

My choices always come with a bind
That my hoaxes are never half as nice
Witches bout to cut my string with a scythe
But its golden so live and apply my strife

Bad rhymes go straight into the garbage line
I picked a pretty girl an iris pardon lies
Then she stabbed me inside my hardened eye
Life on the road no free ways or starving signs

Chorus 2-

Verse 3- (Tier On3)
Told myself to keep pushing if I’m stuck
Keep learning gradually as i grow up
Cuz you gonna look back and so oh fuck
I never knew the meaning of booking up

Bad grades all of it taken away
So I sit and daze to the times I throw away
My clock is broke because time is money
And my ass is never getting paid

My life is on the line
I'm hooking up with flying pain
He cuts himself with a knife
When he needed help dealing with the pain

At least I had a friend
Who could relate to me
I could stay up
And text him and I wait to see
A response about my life and not made feel weak
The drums of life is a super hard bass to beat

Contradicting if I have feelings
Cuz my mind would have never have caved in
If my skull was a well built ceiling
If my rope didn't knot i could have made ends

Get closer you'll see what I'm revealing
The cage of lucifer and Michael is what I'm unsealing
So when all hell brakes loose and I’m going psycho
You know what time your pride gotta be squealing

Your a midget in this game
No one to look up to cuz theres a major shortage
Your tracks a record torrents RI double A those energizer legs only run in portions

In the fast lane peddle to floor bish
Sting like hornets poking gore hit
I'm wanted cuz my music has a warrant
Don't meddle with me you won't get awarded

Chorus 3-

Verse 4- (Tier On3)
And if ya don't know the label is independent
And yes i confirm my status is a rapper
Not the kind on christmas
The kind on halloween
Bite into the mix blades inside yo teeth

To bleed out your seratin
And if your head can't imagine that
Then take your ass out to the crapper back
Cuz thats where my shit is based like a turkey's rack

I give no thanks cuz I make choices with a sawed off face
To paint a picture with a three headed dogs long race
Represent my drugged out sneakers walking hot on pace
Cuz thats where most of my Mary J is always laced
Tier On3

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