• Really nice

    By Christanmoosic
    I like this video and the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;0 its a good buy though I ahvent bought it yet :(
  • love the song

    By 70mach1
    I love the song but the video is just plain spooky. The guy with the umbrella is strange, I don't get the analgy. He's like the death angel, spooky
  • Love the song

    By KarateGirl4Jesus
    This video seems strange at first, but it is actually very encouraging. If you love the song In Better Hands, you'll probably like this video and the message too. God Bless! :)
  • Outstanding

    By Pace Maker
    Natalie Grant has a tremendous voice that speaks to your soul. This is an excellent video that captures her talent.
  • truly amazing....

    By callie_girl
    I have all of Natalie Grants cd's and I have to say that I do believe she gets better and better as the years go by. You can actually feel the presence of God in her music and she gets more and more in depth with each new album. WAY TO GO GIRL..... :)
  • Yea for Natalie!

    By jesusfreak_14
    Natalie Grant does a great job singing this song and she has an amazing voice! She IS talking about God, and yes she is talking about Jesus. I'm sorry,but I do not agree she is singing about all gods, because she is a christian artist. She is spreading the love of Jesus Christ through this music video and that is great!

    By rawrdin0
    Oh my, this is the best music video I have ever heard before. I give it all the stars it can possibly recieve. Keep it up Natalie! :]

    By 4HisName
    This video is so comforting. I cried the whole time I watched it..
  • She is so awesome!

    By Jesusdiedonthecrossforyou
    I wish I could give 10 stars! The music video is so touching! I almost started crying! Her voice is so amazing! When she sings you kinda just want to stop and listen!
  • WOW

    By Grl4God
    Wow, this is definitely THE BEST music video I have ever seen! It really touched me! Natalie Grant is so beautiful and an amazing artist. I recommend this video to everyone!!!

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