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They see the Rolls, they move the cones, they got my spot reserved
Seven-hundred dollar tips for waiters, man, thank God this worked
Used to only have a couple hundred up at SunTrust
Told my mom and dad, "Trust your son, I'm the one, Russ"
Took a couple side streets, didn't take the main road
These employed by their ego gatekeepers do not have gate codes, huh
My bad, you see, frustration fuels the flex
I do what I can, and I let God just do the rest

Pseudo refs don't find the players, that's just gaslightin'
Rappers fronted on me, look at them, backsliding, cap sizing
I'm in Cap-Martin hoppin' on a yacht
You should've built a stronger ship before you went and fired shots, now you sinking
Everyone went straight, they looked at me, like, "What you thinking?"
My gut is just my turn signal blinking
Y'all are local, you can't see beyond your zip code
South of France, but I could see Italy out the window

Sip slow, life goes fast if you let it
And anything I want, I'ma get it 'cause I said it
And I said it, yeah, bitch, I said it
Self-love is when you look in the mirror and feel respected
A few investments that I've made a couple bucks on
But my accountant said, "There's no return like a Russ song," and he didn't lie
My overhead is lower than the bar y'all got for rappers nowadays
I'm losing hope again

I'm honing in on self-improvement, though, but y'all are heartless
Self-destruction's the bullet, the youth is always the target
Your money's soaked in blood, you're rich but at what cost?
Rats, snakes, the culture eats itself, dawg, what opps?
Right message, wrong messenger, I get it
But the truth is still the truth, though, regardless of who said it
And I said it, I might regret it, but I said it
Heli' to the telly man, that's one hell of an entrance

I'm openin' lines of credit, forward-thinking, Wayne Rooney
Work-life balance, kick it with my bae like Jake Moody
Tipsy off the wine, bumping Nipsey to remind
Myself that it's a marathon, it happens in due time
'Til then, I'm playing seas in this terrarium
Stars in the ceiling, is this a Rolls or planetarium?
Fame is of a varium, I'm still inside the zoo, but this ain't new
I've just accepted you won't get my point of view

But more importantly, my own understanding means more to me
But shout-out to the fans who supported me
And like I said, anything I want, I'ma get it 'cause I said it
And I said it, bitch, I said it
For real

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