where's the confetti?


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Where's the confetti
Niggas get shot, like they camera ready
Like my shooters work at polaroid
Niggas got grammy energy, I got source awards

Sober thoughts drowning in this liquor, I been sipping on
Living on my last breath, chopper still sing like it's labrinth
A lab rat? please I'm richer than davenport
Where's the holy grail nigga? I fill it with 7 pours of that brown liquor

Drink it till my speeches got a slur
Man, I see the cracks through the mansion windows
Narrow in and see they use their silver spoons for heroin
Fuck rock throwing, I'm shooting outside your glass house

Squeezing until a nigga fall and pass out please
Never took xans, I took senzu beans
Cold as ice play tag with my Jesus piece
Tell anxiety to suck my dick

I went from panic attack to patek
Went from plan of attack to a tech nigga
I'm 2face Annie, I can wish a nigga well then drop his girl pannies
I'm invincible

Read the lines they on kindle
Got more bars than cell signals
Heart ain't empty it's sinful
Resentful, cause most of ya'll still hating

When you favourite looking up to me like a nosebleed
Nigga please, I was like you
Took a L as employee now I'm owner
Diamonds colder than the flu season and pneumonia

And the mic still bloody nigga this ain't toner
When the game need heart, I'm a fucking donor
I'm a lynx eyed, ignorant, scared to die, hypocrite
Samurai, villainous, danger like some syphilis

I know niggas built the pyramids
I know shit ain't sweet but some licorice
Cause if you think outside the box they might put you in a box

Get down
They already throwing us rocks
I'm the type to catch it, throw it back like a sremm life record
Came back like I resurrected

The fact of the matter is
Fuck all my nemesis and they distant relatives
Not playing with you averages
It's flattering he think he fuck with jev

Hmmm negative
Fuck you girl right back to sleep like a sedative
The crown on my cranium is decorative
Been on your asses for 5 years consecutive

The Benz all white like it's gentrified
Know you sick inside when you see a nigga thrive
Nigga i'ma roll down the window

And start shooting everybody at the pity party
I got targets on my back
Ya'll got V's on your back
Ain't scared of you niggas

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