Forreal (feat. Lil Yachty) - YTB Fatt

Forreal (feat. Lil Yachty) - YTB Fatt

YTB Fatt

Forreal (feat. Lil Yachty) - YTB Fatt

Forreal (feat. Lil Yachty) - YTB Fatt Lyrics

A nigga had to tell me she gonna get off my ass and get it
On that block, I'm security 1 year lat, I'm up a million
She started actin' right when she seen it
Young and gettin' it It steps to her, start high
I'm hunnid, save when that shit end up

What's her word? That emotion Sippin' on a potion, niggas know how I live (yeah)
Go full thotto off that pill, I might miss my meal
Geekin' into the weekend, I done jumped off that hill
I'ma write that for my dog for real
Talk about tricks on top of the dick, this girl got skills for real
She caught feelings when I told her where the eye and the ears
You my bitch, but you ain't, huh, that just what it is
She start lovin' me more when I told this bitch how I accept the kids

Skippin' down that brick road, tryna meet the wiz
Fuckin' up my fist, tryna punch a Ben (yeah)
Like it was on his house like a morning hand (for real)
I've been spending years tryna prove a point (ok)
Don't fuck up your face, talkin' to the moints (ok)
Heard you threw out all your morals, sitting in that joint (ok)
I-I get bitches moist, all these niggas pussy (rrrr)
Running in his shit when he wasn't looking (yeah)

He wanna talk shit, now his life is tooken
Take me to the count, I'm burnin' out
I won't pass the bookings 400K blues, they callin' me Ticky
We been playin' with Pac for years, these niggas rickets
I came out so much, he got my palms hurt
Cheap dick for real, I pay off for the time worth
Spent 3K on my jeans for every concert
Black on my ass got me rich but my lungs hurt

For 16K's I peeled my teeth and now my guns hurt (ice)
All that tough talking online, don't think they guns working (ok)
They can make em a sinner, my nana nana
I'm stepping through all of your wings
Breaking a bitch in the bands, holding my pants up, grip my feet
Tell them I want it the right way Never the hot way, pull up and spin
Bet it don't got enough money to start off a war
Take it right on the chin, Niggas be thinkin' it's sweet how I came out
If we need it, I standin' on 10
Y-T-B-C-R-E-T-E, pull up in 2 black Benz's (prrr)
It's us

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